Friday, September 2, 2011

[WIP Cosplay] Link's Belt Buckle

I didn't cosplay link myself, this accessory was made for my friend who did.

We decided to do it with an acrylic form. So we bought this big round medallion thing, took the upper half and cut off the hanger with a sharp knife.

Colours don't stick to these sooth slippery surface of acrylic glass so good, because of that I roughened the inside with some sand and water. With black acrylic paint I draw the pattern on the inside.
both halves, the upper already sanded and painted with black colour, back view
front view
The yellow background colour were dabbed on  in thin layers on top. I decided to go with two thin layers of gold colour first, to give it some extra shine :-)

first gold-coloured layer, back view
all layers added, front view
Lastly I lacquered the inside to protect the colour.
To attach this buckle to a normal belt, we added to elastic hair ties with hot glue on the back (no pictures yet). This way you can just slip it over the original belt buckle.

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