Sunday, September 11, 2011

[WIP Cosplay] Medli's Costume Fitting

This is a picture of my first try-on of the tunic plus most accessories. Missing are wig, nose and contact-lenses, but you wouldn't see the last ones in picture anyway. I just uploaded it for those of you curious about the result, since I was too stupid to take pictures at GamesCom. I need to do an extra photo shooting to present some full cosplay pictures, I'm sorry :-(

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  1. Wow, not bad. You did a great job =)

  2. This is wonderful! Just wondering, what type of fabric did you use for the tunic?

    1. I am sorry for my late reply and I can't even provide a sufficient answer :(
      In fact I've got no clue about the fabric, it's pretty thick and the other side (probably the true right side) is shiny and really dark blue with a satiny shine.