Monday, June 20, 2011

Going out: Furisode and Hakama

Neither appropriate for "just" my japanese class nor really dressed up, but a little plain.
Nevertheless I had fun, putting on my Furisode after a long time and my class was excited.

Items: Kimono, Juban, Obi, Hakama

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Test: Windows Live Writer

I am currently testing if it’s an option for me to post via Windows Live Writer.It’s a desktop tool, making it possible to write blog entries offline and sending it online later.
This Post was done with Windows Live Writer.
Here’s a test picture. It shows “my” kamon. Well, since I am not of japanese ancestry it’s basically the one I freely chose.KAMON_UROKO03
“Why such a simple one, when there are so many gorgeous out there?” you may ask.
The answer is simple: If it’s a simpler one, it’s easier to create on kimono (embroidery, painting etc.), in case I’ll ever go do so. AND: I’m completely into the video game “The Legend of Zelda”. Google pictures for it and you’ll immediately know (^.^)

Pink, Red and White Coordination

I apologize for it's messiness, it was a little rushed.When I look at it I think of strawberry ice-cream with cream and syrup. Yummy.

Items: Kimono, Obi

Blog Re-Design

I am currently working on my blogs design, because I found the background to be rather unflattering and too busy.
Since the picture (I took it on the 哲学の道, Tetsugaku no Michi in Japan) is one of my favourites, it'll remain the maintheme of the blog, but limited to header and my banners.
The re-design is still unfinished, therefore the appearance of my blog may still change a little in the next time.
I apologize for any inconvenience.
Now, back to work (^.^)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Houmongi

I like this houmongi very much, the sleeves are a little bit longer than standard length. Thus my standard ro juban doesn't fit.

Items: Kimono, Obi

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Average Vintage Coordination

I am not that happy with these coordinations, but I thought I should upload it to show, what I wouldn't wear out (^.^)
Maybe some minor changes would make them much better. I'll think about it later.

Items: Kimono (1), (2); Obi (1), (2)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dyeing Result

This is how they turned out dried and carefully ironed. The bright red cloth just shows the original colour.

Dyeing Process

Deep Blue Dye

I finally got my hands on some dyeing colours and it was quite boring this evening.
So I grabbed some scrap fabric, a yellowed and a stained han-eri and a yellowed obijime to dye it deep blue ("Marineblau" to be exact).

The results varied quite a lot and each piece worked different from the next. See what I got of my first round:
The first one (was:yellowed han-eri) is just as is should be, a beautiful deep and solid blue (it's a bit lighter in reality). It tool some time until it got that dark, but it holds the colour and has no freckles at all. The Obijime on the left, didn't take the colour that well, but it still became nice and dark in the end.
Now the second one (was: stained han-eri) represents everything you don't want to happen... believe me it's no a light reflection, this one went seriously wrong, it -is- that freckled...
I have no clue why, but it didn't take the colour in some placed, in others it did. Maybe it wasn't pure silk, or there was still some stuff within the fibres, I'll wash the pieces more thoroughly beforehand next time.
The light blue one is the scrap fabric and was only dipped in for a few seconds. I just wanted to test out if a lighter colour can be done with such a dark colour and it seems to be a success. Yay!

After finishing the first pieces I got adventurous. Why not try out some red fabric, when there is enough lying around?I chose two different ones. The burning-test suggested that both are silk, though the right one is very soft and shiny, while the other has a rather rough touch.
A big mistake I made: I should have make the fabrics wet before dyeing, but I forgot. This would have shown that the rougher fabric wouldn't hold the red at all, but bleed it out like hell.
The soft piece worked out very well in contrast. I divided it onto two pieces (they were just sewn together) and dyed them for different time periods.
Fun fact: If you look closely at the bottom of the fabrics, you can see blue threads (they were sewn together with them). This is the colour they would show if they were originally white.

Oh, and here you can see the colour of the dye-bath after the other the other red cloth bled out in it...
Happy dyeing! XD

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cheapo's Guide: Link Collection

Will be updated frequently.

(measurements in cm)

Cheapo's Guide: Introduction

For many people who start collecting and also the more experienced collectors, one of the main issues is always: "How to pay for all the stuff I want?"
One may struggle to get together a basic stock of kitsuke items, while drooling over beautiful kimono, which want to be bought, too.
Home-made substitutes are the cheapo's best friends, and they will save money up for the important (well, the nice) stuff, you really "need" XD
In this new category I'll post ideas, instructions and links on do-it-yourself stuff regarding kimono.

Für Viele, die gerade erst begonnen haben zu sammeln, aber auch erfahrenene Sammler, ist das Budget ein wichtiger, limitierender Faktor.
Gerade wann man dabei ist sein erstes Set zusammenzustellen, ist es frustierend die ganzen wunderschönen Kimono zu sehen, aber man das Geld für die "blöden" Kitsukesachen ausgeben muss.
Nun, der beste Freund des Geizkragen (oder armen Studenten/Schülers) sind selbstgemachte Kitsukeaccessoires. So bleibt das Geld für die schönen Dinge im Leben eines Kimonofreund XD

In dieser neuen Guidekategorie werde ich Ideen, Anleitungen und Links posten, die mit do-it-yourself Kitsuke und Kimono zu tun haben.

Some basic sewing skills will be great for every kimono-cheapo, but don't worry with a little patience and the right equipment it won't be too difficult.
Grundlegende Nähfertigkeiten wären wünschenswert, aber nicht unbedingt notwendig. Mit etwas Geduld und Spucke werden die meisten Sachen auch klappen.

My difficulty rating (Schwierigkeitsgrade):
# - Very easy (sehr einfach)
## - Easy (einfach)
### - Advanced (fortgeschritten)

Budget rating (Kosten):
€ - 0-10 Euro
€€ - 10-50 Euro
€€€ - 50 Euro and more

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Iromuji Fun

It's not that easy for me to pull together plain ensembles. I just love colours too much and I am constantly drooling over really fancy vintage combinations.
But I tried out myself for the sake of my lovely iromuji and combined it with the first nagoya obi I ever bought.Did I do ok?

Items: Kimono, Obi, Michiyuki