Friday, September 2, 2011

[WIP Cosplay] Medli's Shoes

I guess this were the hardest to make of all the accessories. It was the last thing I finished and the only thing I needed help with, which my grandmother kindly provided.

My idea was to sew a cover to slip on to one of my sandals, since I didn't wanted to modify a pair. Moreover I decided to go with bandages, interpreting the lines in the picture as wrapping not black lines.
The link cosplaying friend of mine dyed two rolls bandages and some old white dishcloths in yellow, then I roughly fitted and pinned the cloth around one of my shoes and cut away the extend. Used this piece as template for the second shoe, mirrored of course (I didn't wanted to do this process twice XP).

My grandmother sew them together and added elastic bands.
finished cover base over sandal

You can see, there are some gabs showing at the bottom and I considered fixing this while worn with some stitches, but it's not visible at all from other views.

In a final step the bandage were sewn on. Starting at the tip of the show, the first to layers were pinned down, cut and then sewn on, because I had to leave the bottom open. Otherwise the wouldn't have been wearable anymore.

The third layer were attached to the base as far as necessary, while the loose end were left as it was,. This part was later wrapped around my leg.

finished cover
testing my product :-)

Some notes: I used sandals with heels, because it would give my feet a smaller appearance. But it doesn't make it very comfortable to stand on the whole day. Even though it i just a small heel, my feet were really aching after the whole day waiting in line XP

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