Friday, September 9, 2011

[Pita Ten] Misha - Artbook Dandelion Yukata

© Koge-Donbo
Series: Pita Ten (Manga)
Character: Misha
Kimono RL:Yukata
Obi RL: Hanhaba
Musubi : Bunko/Chou-chou hanhaba
Accuracy: 97%

Kimono layout: 

  • yukata
  • yellow base colour
  • highlighted circles, light yellow to white
  • dandelion flowers
  • fabric suggestion: cotton

Visible Accessories:

  • lacquered geta/pokkuri, red /w light coloured hanao
  • yo-yo balloon
  • huge rabbit hair clip
  • hair bow, red
  • small flower hair clip, light pink

Additional Needed Accessories:

Kimono thoughts:

Yukata pattern are, as well as some komon's, rather random and repetitive. I would't bother too much about an exact recreation of this look. Just make a pattern, repeat it all over the yukata and make sure that neighbouring panels face opposite directions (up-down-up-down).

Obi thoughts:

Very simple yukata hanhaba obi: one side red, one side yellow (example, different colour). By folding it in partially when wrapping around, one can create this layered look. It's a really basic technique as well as the obi knot. I'd suggest either bunko, chou-chou or one of the various cute variations as knot(^.^)
These simple two sided yukata are quite cheap and if you don't want to bother binding them, they're often found in a pre-tied version.


Just a wearing matter: wearing obi knots in other places than your back might be found awkward. Wearing it in the front is an absolute no-go especially with yukata. For those who didn't know: In the past oiran/tayuu (high ranked courtesans)as well as courtesans of lower ranks used to wear their obi tied in the front. Unless you're doing an oiran or tayuu cosplay, I'd say better leave the obi in the back. Moreover I think it's drawn at the side for artistic reasons only in the picture anyway.

Kitsuke-skill needed:

Yukata are the most easiest kimono to wear and don't need much extra items. Try putting in on two or three times before going public, but it's definitely a beginner's kitsuke project (^.^)

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