Monday, September 5, 2011

Re: A small kimono challenge (01)

I really like the idea Airi-san posted in her blog two days ago. So this is my blog-response (^.^)

Kira Kira Kimono: A small kimono challenge(part 1):

The Challenge Questions:

01. How did I discover Kimono?
02. My dearest kimono items.
03. My most frequently used kimono items (excluding juban and himo).
04. My least used kimono items.
05. My favourite coordinations up until now.
06. Likes and dislikes about kimono.
07. Kimono confessions: Did you know that...?
08. The massive must-have-list (or the what-I-would-like-to-buy-but-is-far-to-expensive-for-me-list)
09. My biggest fears and wishes about kimono.
10. My biggest kimono inspiration.
11. My kimono collection.
12. The evolution of my kitsuke.

01. How did I discover kimono?
It began with my addiction to manga, anime and japanese dramas with evolved into a love for the japanese culture I guess.
I always drooled over these wonderful kimono and eventually found out about maiko and geiko, which wear even more gorgeous kimono. At the same time I wondered why I couldn't find any kimono like this in german online stores, I always only found this crappy bathrobe like tourist yukata, which didn't appeal to me at all.
Finally, after hours of googeling I found sakura yukata market on the internet. It wasn't a german store, but one that would ship internationally and was within my rather small budget. I bought my first komon kimono there along with some very basic kitsuke stuff and an simple hanhaba obi. Well, I didn't knew about the various kimono types back then, but I knew how to differ a kimono from bathrobes by their construction XD

My very first kitsuke, no nagajuban :-)

Buying the first one cost me quite some effort, I didn't tell anyone of my family beforehand and I was quite nervous how they would react.
Well, my mother freaked out a little bit when the letter from the customs arrived, she thought I did something illegal XD
But other than that everything came out just fine.
Since then my collection grew quite a bit and is already too big to fit into a closet together with my other clothing. One year ago it moved into it's own closet.

What else happened?
I discovered Immortal Geisha Forums and spent countless hours on browsing through all the threads and informations. Best site ever for information about kimono and the geisha-world!

I'll do some more of these blog-responses along with Airi-san's posting. ^.^

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  1. Dafür, dass es dein 1. Kitsuke war,
    finde ich es doch gut.
    Die Farben passen sehr gut zueinander.

  2. You look so wonderful with your Kimono!(^_^)