Sunday, September 11, 2011

Re: A small kimono challenge (02)

The Challenge Questions:

01. How did I discover Kimono?
02. My dearest kimono items.
03. My most frequently used kimono items (excluding juban and himo).
04. My least used kimono items.
05. My favourite coordinations up until now.
06. Likes and dislikes about kimono.
07. Kimono confessions: Did you know that...?
08. The massive must-have-list (or the what-I-would-like-to-buy-but-is-far-to-expensive-for-me-list)
09. My biggest fears and wishes about kimono.
10. My biggest kimono inspiration.
11. My kimono collection.
12. The evolution of my kitsuke.

02. My dearest kimono items.

This is a really hard question. Basically I love all my kimono, there are only a few pieces I do not like that much (some are going to be sold in the future I guess), but these are to be discussed in one of the the next challenge questions.

What I hold dear for example is my first fukuro obi. It was my first full-width obi and I just love it deeply. I wish I would wear it more often, sadly I didn't found that much possible coordinations with it, yet. It has a lovely black-based tabane noshi pattern with butterflies, phoenixes, kiku etc.

And of course one of my treasures is the furisode my grandmother sew together for me. It's not perfect (some troubles with lining and sleeve-placement), but it's very special to me. The fukuro obi was meant to go with it, when it was bought by the way.

Kimono Closet listing: Link
pattern detail
I have several other items, I love very much and would never ever give away, e.g. my hikizuri. But I guess these two items are rather outstanding, because they belong to the foundation of my kimono collection.

See you in part three of this challenge :-)

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