Monday, September 5, 2011

[Pita Ten] Shima - Striped Artbook Kimono

© Koge-Donbo
Series: Pita Ten (Manga)
Character: Shima (Shia)
Kimono RL: Komon
Obi RL: Nagoya, Hanhaba
Musubi : Otaiko, Hanhaba knots
Accuracy: 95%

Kimono layout: 

by SilberRegen, 2011
  • unlined (hitoe) komon kimono
  • cream/white base colour
  • stripes in light blue/blue/dark blue/ochre
  • collar (eri) in different stripe design

Visible Accessories:

  • obiage, blue
  • obijime, white
  • tabi, purple
  • zouri, light blue
  • blouse with striped collar, red and white
  • rose pin, red to dark red
  • scarf, translucent grey or black
  • pearl necklace, two or one long
  • leaf hair decoration
  • cat with yellow bow (^.^)
Additional Needed Accessories:
  •  a little bit padding
  • some koshihimo
  • maybe eri-shin

Obi thoughts:

I'd favour a nagoya-obi. Though it looks like it's meant to be all-black I wouldn't do it all black. The image of all-black obi and kimono is all about funerals, so not so good... Adding some small highlights will do the job (maybe a cute cat? ^^)


This kimono outfit doesn't have "constructional" flaws. It is just worn very loose, which makes it difficult to do without looking too messy. Additionally it's a mix of western and eastern clothing. I'd somehow try to get the collar a little stiffer as usual or insert an eri-shin, but an eri-shin might already be too much.

Kitsuke-skill needed:

Because it's "messy" you should train on your skill quite a bit. It does indeed look differently if somebody did it like this on purpose or just couldn't do better kitsuke. Securing this look on your body is also a point where some routine in kitsuke will help a lot.

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