Monday, August 15, 2011

[WIP Cosplay] Medli's Red Cloth

My friend's mother did the sewing on this piece. The construction is just two squared pieces of red cotton cloth with a cut in opening for my head.
I thought about sewing on the emblem and curly decorations as well, but it would have been insanely fiddly with all the curves and sharp edges. In the end I decided to paint it on.
Not much to explain here, the straight outer line was done freehand. For the other patterns I made two stencils, pinned them down on the cloth and carefully painted on the symbols.

I needed about 3 layers of paint everywhere to create a good cover. Here's the outline:

First stencil, the crest, pinned down and filled in:
I removed the stencil after the initial layer, because I could pin this one down properly and it smudged a little at the borders. Second and third layer where added freehand again.

Constructing the small stencil:

Cut out with utility knife.

Placed some double-sided tape at the back and cut it out again, I guess this could also be done in one step, but this idea was developed a little late to do so.

Pinned down (the tape worked very well) I added the colour again. I had no problem with blotches this time.
Reused the stencil to add the two outer ornaments in the back too.
Lastly I corrected the blotched edges with some matching red colour. With this another piece for the Medli Costume was done (^.^)

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