Sunday, September 4, 2011

[Pita Ten] Shima - Cover Kimono of Vol. 7

© Koge-Donbo
Series: Pita Ten (Manga)
Character: Shima (Shia)
Kimono RL: Komon
Obi RL: Nagoya, Hanhaba
Musubi : Otaiko, cute Hanhaba-knots
Accuracy: 97%

Kimono layout: 
by SilberRegen, 2011
  • unlined (hitoe) komon kimono
  • solid background colour, deep-red/burgundy
  • stripes, light blue/grey/purple
  • arrows (yabane) with asanoha pattern, yellow/orange

Visible Accessories:

  • nagajuban/hanjuban, light pink
  • han-eri, light pink
  • obiage, dark green
  • obijime, light pink 
  • rose-shaped obidome, red
  • tabi with dots, light-/lime-green and deep-red
  • zouri or geta, black base and red hanao with added flowers
  • tama-kanzashi, red ball
  • bira-bira kanzashi with roses and red string
  • colourful "scrunchy" kanzashi thing
  • small bag, light yellow
  • short gloves, white
Additional Needed Accessories:

Obi thoughts:

A nagoya-obi tied into an otaiko knot might be best considering the formality of this kimono. Hanhaba might also work, but with obiage and obi-jime the first choice might be better. 
Otaiko-shaped pre-tied obi will increase wearing comfort.


Koge-Donbo drew a very nice kimono ensemble. There are hardly any real flaws to begin with. You'd probably won't wear it exactly like this, because it drawn rather loosely fitting. Following some classical kitsuke rules, the juban shouldn't show at the bottom and the arm-pits and a real obiage is worn a little different and less loose.
Personally would go with some little corrections and follow the classical way of wearing, because the overall appearance will be much neater.

Kitsuke-skill needed:

Assuming you go with a classical pattern and do not simplify it for wearing, you should definitely practise on this one. Since this character is meant to wear an actual kimono here, sloppy kitsuke might easily ruin it.

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