Friday, October 15, 2010

My Kimono Moved

Since my parents are renovating, my old room got moved upstairs. And with it my kimono-collection. Now, the room is smaller, but my tansu grew much bigger.
I'm using my new room more as a guest, I moved out a while ago, so the in-build cabinetries are reserved for my kimono only. They do not have to be divided in various wardrobes and shelves again (^.^)

Here is the collection before and after moving:


And after:


  1. atleast they are stored properly unlike mine. my room is very small :( so i can only box them

  2. Oh, sehr schön. =) Die ersten 2 Bilder sehen aus, wie es bei mir aussah, bevor wir renoviert haben.

    Mal schauen, ob ich meine Sachen jetzt überhaupt
    im neuen Schrank unterbringen kann >.<

    Ich liebe solche Bilder <♥