Sunday, August 14, 2011

[WIP Cosplay] Medli's Nose

This one gave me some headaches first. I needed some light weighted, sturdy and easy to attach thing. In the end I found that making a cast of my nose and build the shape on top would be easiest. Synthetic cast was way out of my budget, so I went with the classical cast (disadvantage: it tends to crumble on the edges).
Luckily I had some "plastic art light" modelling compound laying around, which turned out to be the perfect material for this job.

I used up just a little corner of this block, I bet I could do at least 20 more medli-noses with the remaining stuff XD

Ok, let's start with my first step: The cast.
I placed the bandages rather roughly around and on top my nose, about 5-6 layers on the critical parts (edges of the nose etc.), 3 on the rest. After a short time it would harden and I could remove it carefully from my face. I let it dry completely for two days.

Put back on my face, I roughly marked the outlines of the bird-nose-to-be.

With this help I began modelling on the compound stuff.
Firstly creating a smooth line from one lower edge to the other, then adding the right outlines to it.
The excess cast were cut off after I got the shape I desired.

It was a little bit sanded down to smooth the surface and to prepare for painting.

Like the pin, the nose got painted in several layers too, then laquered with a matte varnish, including the inside.

Finished (^.^)

It's meant to be worn using skin-glue. It works really got, though breathing is surely not that easy with it XD

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