Thursday, August 11, 2011

[Cosplay] Link and Medli

I always wanted to do a cosplay, but I never came around to do one.
No money, no skill and no ability to decide on one.
Eventually I had the impulsive idea to do one for the GamesCom in Cologne and a victim who would cosplay with me was found instantly. It went like: "Hey, did you already get us the tickets for GamesCom?" - "Uh, yes I did, what's the matter? - "Do you want to do a spontaneous zelda-cosplay with me?" - "Uhh... ok?". That was at 1am in the morning, two weeks before GamesCom.

So now, we are in the middle of the work. We decided my friend would cosplay Link and I would do Medli, both from the Game "The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker".

For reference:

We aren't finished yet and we'll definitely need the next weekend, too. 

I'll post some WIP pictures and descriptions as soon as I can.
Wish you a nice week.

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