Monday, August 15, 2011

[WIP Cosplay] Medli's Red Cloth

My friend's mother did the sewing on this piece. The construction is just two squared pieces of red cotton cloth with a cut in opening for my head.
I thought about sewing on the emblem and curly decorations as well, but it would have been insanely fiddly with all the curves and sharp edges. In the end I decided to paint it on.
Not much to explain here, the straight outer line was done freehand. For the other patterns I made two stencils, pinned them down on the cloth and carefully painted on the symbols.

I needed about 3 layers of paint everywhere to create a good cover. Here's the outline:

First stencil, the crest, pinned down and filled in:
I removed the stencil after the initial layer, because I could pin this one down properly and it smudged a little at the borders. Second and third layer where added freehand again.

Constructing the small stencil:

Cut out with utility knife.

Placed some double-sided tape at the back and cut it out again, I guess this could also be done in one step, but this idea was developed a little late to do so.

Pinned down (the tape worked very well) I added the colour again. I had no problem with blotches this time.
Reused the stencil to add the two outer ornaments in the back too.
Lastly I corrected the blotched edges with some matching red colour. With this another piece for the Medli Costume was done (^.^)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

[WIP Cosplay] Medli's Nose

This one gave me some headaches first. I needed some light weighted, sturdy and easy to attach thing. In the end I found that making a cast of my nose and build the shape on top would be easiest. Synthetic cast was way out of my budget, so I went with the classical cast (disadvantage: it tends to crumble on the edges).
Luckily I had some "plastic art light" modelling compound laying around, which turned out to be the perfect material for this job.

I used up just a little corner of this block, I bet I could do at least 20 more medli-noses with the remaining stuff XD

Ok, let's start with my first step: The cast.
I placed the bandages rather roughly around and on top my nose, about 5-6 layers on the critical parts (edges of the nose etc.), 3 on the rest. After a short time it would harden and I could remove it carefully from my face. I let it dry completely for two days.

Put back on my face, I roughly marked the outlines of the bird-nose-to-be.

With this help I began modelling on the compound stuff.
Firstly creating a smooth line from one lower edge to the other, then adding the right outlines to it.
The excess cast were cut off after I got the shape I desired.

It was a little bit sanded down to smooth the surface and to prepare for painting.

Like the pin, the nose got painted in several layers too, then laquered with a matte varnish, including the inside.

Finished (^.^)

It's meant to be worn using skin-glue. It works really got, though breathing is surely not that easy with it XD

Thursday, August 11, 2011

[WIP Cosplay] Medli's Pin

The wooden shape was bought for 0,99 € at an Art Store (idee, Holz-Kerzentülle) and has a diameter of 4cm. I sanded it down a little to smooth the edge and to prepare for painting.

If you can use airbrush, it gives the cleanest painting results, but I don't have a system. So I used some non-fuzzy cloth and covered a sponge with it. Just a sponge would work too, but mine was already a little old. Brushes give nasty stroke lines most of the time.
There were 4 layers of white paint dabbed on it, within each application I waited some minutes to let the colour dry a bit. The white was dried completely (time depends on the colour used) then some yellow layers were added until it was opaque. (The wooden form is pinned on a colour bottle with some tape for easier handling)
I could have let it be like this for base colour, since the reference only shows yellow, but I thought since it is jewellery, it should at least sparkle a little bit. Not too much though, it should still stay in it's comic style look. To achieve this I added a thin layer of gold first and some more thin layers of yellow mixed with gold, since my gold was not yellow enough and too dark.
Again dried completely. Now, I made a stencil for the symbol on it, this was the trickiest part. First I tried to to it out of foil, but i figured it was quite hard to attach properly and securely. Then I tried out on a not so visible part it the brown packaging tape would damage the paint it applied directly on top. It didn't and I covered the pin with it an carefully designed on the duct-tape and cut it out directly on top of it. Even with little pressure it'll leave some tiny marks at the edges, not very noticeable, but I'll have to think of a better method when I have more time.

Anyway, this way I added the medli's symbol in a vibrant red. Just some small corrections with a small brush after removing the duct tape and tadaaa:
Finished of with matte varnish. To attach the pin to the clothes it still needs, well a pin (^.^)
Since this one is cupped on the other side, I just used the brutal method and casted in a pin with two-component polyurethane.
If you ever want to do such a pin think of something better (and cheaper) I just had the PUR left over from another project anyway. Hot-glue for example would work out for sure, too.

[Cosplay] Link and Medli

I always wanted to do a cosplay, but I never came around to do one.
No money, no skill and no ability to decide on one.
Eventually I had the impulsive idea to do one for the GamesCom in Cologne and a victim who would cosplay with me was found instantly. It went like: "Hey, did you already get us the tickets for GamesCom?" - "Uh, yes I did, what's the matter? - "Do you want to do a spontaneous zelda-cosplay with me?" - "Uhh... ok?". That was at 1am in the morning, two weeks before GamesCom.

So now, we are in the middle of the work. We decided my friend would cosplay Link and I would do Medli, both from the Game "The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker".

For reference:

We aren't finished yet and we'll definitely need the next weekend, too. 

I'll post some WIP pictures and descriptions as soon as I can.
Wish you a nice week.