Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Re: A small kimono challenge (03)

01. How did I discover Kimono?
02. My dearest kimono items.
03. My most frequently used kimono items (excluding juban and himo).
04. My least used kimono items.
05. My favourite coordinations up until now.
06. Likes and dislikes about kimono.
07. Kimono confessions: Did you know that...?
08. The massive must-have-list (or the what-I-would-like-to-buy-but-is-far-to-expensive-for-me-list)
09. My biggest fears and wishes about kimono.
10. My biggest kimono inspiration.
11. My kimono collection.
12. The evolution of my kitsuke.

Long time no update, my exams took too much time of the few months.
Anyway let's talk about some nicer topics: My most frequently used kimono items.
It's really hard to tell for me which items are the most used one. Compared to the time I have to spent on wearing kimono (sadly they do not live with me but at my parents house) I have too much clothes (of course overall it can never be too much ;-)). But I think I used this obi rather often (at least more than twice):

Gold and purple reversible hanhaba obi.

This simple hanhaba obi isn't special at all, but it is easy to tie. Since I love wearing hakama this one always goes with them. I am thinking about buying some similar ones in other colours, but it's not really wearable with anything besides yukata (which I am not that fond of) and underneath hakama.

Not a single other items beats it in times of usage and time in my collection (it was my first obi ever <3). Due to this I won't list any further items, it would be a little random and I am already pretty "random" when it comes to buying kimono. You'd have no chance if you'd want to find a system within it :P

See you next time to see my least used kimono items!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Some "Japantag 2011" Impressions

So on Saturday I went and visited the "Japantag" in Düsseldorf. Usually it is hold in spring, but due to the catastrophe in Japan back then, they moved it to October. 

My impression: I enjoyed listening to the orchestra of Düsseldorf's Japanese International school and "watching" the Watanabe dance group and some other stuff at the small booths along the Rhine-promenade. But I guess it was even more crowded than last year, it was really hard to get to see the Rhine, people (especially crazy ones) everywhere XP
Temperaturewise it was quite refreshing, and moving around in kimono wasn't uncomfortable at all in contrast to the last years, where it was either hot (and crowded) or rainy.

In the End it became to cold for me to stay for the fireworks and waiting alone in the cold isn't too exciting, too. I left rather early and enjoyed watching the fireworks on TV later in the evening (^.^)

People heading towards the Rhine-Promenade

"Watching" the Watanabe dance group
Sunset at the Rhine

My "Japantag"-outfit

Items: Kimono, Obi, Hakama