Saturday, April 23, 2011

How it could look like: Geiko Kitsuke

In some weeks I expect my katsura to be delivered (don't ask what I paid for shipment...). To prepare I dressed up my mannequin again, this time with my bordeaux hikizuri.The obijime doesn't seem to be the best choice and I'm open for any suggestions.
I admit being lazy, too. The obi is just loosely hanging down in the back, is still to be cleaned and all in all I should have draped it a little bit nicer ^^
Anyway, I can't wait for my katsura to arrive. Want to try how I look with it XD

Items: Kimono, Obi


  1. Thanks for commenting!
    Thought so too, the kimono does even have some light green within the pattern. But my only green obijime are well... bright green. I worry that may be too much popping...

  2. I have a light green flat one, but I think it's a little too frayed to wear. Otherwise... :)
    But, thanks for posting!